• drivebytownsTwo architects, an artist, and an eccentric walk into a bar…

    When you see Cadillac Ranch, you figure that had to be what happened. You picture these four guys bellied up, scrawling notes on bev naps as they down shots and shout “Dude, that’s it!” I mean, how else would you come up with an idea to take ten Cadillacs and bury them nose down and call it art?

    Read more about this #Route66 legend and American icon - link in bio or copy/paste: http://tlt.rocks/cadranch

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  • drivebytowns@zachventure_photos thanks!
  • kinship.kHaha I'm an architect and this is just great! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
  • drivebytowns@kinship.k 😎
  • pamelaturmanI've seen that. Where is it though? New Mexico, or Arizona? It's been a very long time. I use to live in Oklahoma, but my family lived in CA. So at least once a year we made the trip and seen these Cadillac from highway 40. Didn't realize it was called art!! Lol
  • drivebytowns@pamelaturman just outside of Amarillo, Texas!
  • pamelaturmanOh ok. As I said,vits been a looking time. Goodness I was about 19-22 years old and I'm 60 now so I just new it was in that area somewhere. It's been a few years.
  • drivebytowns@pamelaturman :-) you deserve an award for making that drive annually!
  • _tinymagnoliatradersVery worthy stop.
  • travis_ltRad!
  • pamelaturman@drivebytowns Oh goodness I just noticed this comment. Yes it was a long ride. I usually rode from Ok to Ca. Once or twice a year, then I would fly out once a year. My parents lived in CA, so every opportunity I got to see my parents, took it.
  • mallenajWe used to drive from the Outer Banks of NC to San Diego often and we always made a stop in Amarillo for The Big Texan Steakhouse and then the Cadillac Ranch every time to see what color they were changed to. 😊
  • drivebytowns@mallenaj Big Texan! So you recommend we stop there when we drive through next month?
  • leesees_pnw😄😄👍
  • drivebytowns@leesees_pnw 🙌🙌
  • mallenaj@drivebytowns it's been years since I have been there so I'm not sure how the food is but it is a great place to look around. It was big on taxidermy wildlife throughout the restaurant including a polar bear and a grizzly.
  • traveling_newlywedsSo good!
  • blm03Awesome
  • letusgophotoLove that spot!
  • amylangerschwartzThe most bizarre and awesome place.
  • drivebytowns@amylangerschwartz so true!
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