#tbt - me and @mrcheyennejackson having fun rehearsing on set of my #Awakening pbs special.
  • officialjackieevancho#tbt - me and @mrcheyennejackson having fun rehearsing on set of my #Awakening pbs special.

  • jdspamsgross
  • ericrosswoodWhat does @mrcheyennejackson think of you supporting a man that wants to take away his rights? Please back out of the inauguration. If you are locked in a contract, our community will support you and help you if you break it.
  • marykateflav@ericrosswood trump strongly supports the lgbt community, there is even a photo of him holding up an lgbt flag, suggest you do some research :)
  • jeffreysunnybaekpretty cute Jackie
  • libsmith4Disappointed in your singing decision. I will not be listening to you anymore.
  • anndeltrediciSinging for Trump will affect your popularity on all PBS specials--past and future--I urge you to cancel your performance. When you are older your will understand why singing for the inaugurarion will have been a very large mistake for your career.
  • tateleSo young and so dumb....😢
  • devina_x@marykateflav He is strongly against LGBTs as a matter of fact, along with ethnic and religious minorities. Please do YOUR research.
  • marykateflav@devina_x how? can you give me examples? Because so far, hes been employing LGBT members and speaking of support for the LGBT community, so I'm wondering what proof you have?
  • devina_x@marykateflav oh I'm sorry of course he is. Trying to cover up his horrific treatment and dialogue of women in the past through these media stunts. Lol please
  • kimlarivierebaldelli@instapicmember Seriously!!!
  • marykateflav@georgegeiger70 wow you're a great example of the left, telling me to kill myself? I can really tell your open, accepting values run so strong. good luck in life.
  • glomerulusCheyenne Jackson wants nothing to do with you now, you misguided and naive little girl. Shame on you.
  • daniel_brashearI see you have a bunch of libtards being keyboard warriors. Don't let them bother you. Do you have a list of songs available on iTunes I want to buy them in support of your music.
  • moelmiarBlock all the haters; they don't deserve to see your beautiful IG page. @officialjackieevancho
  • moelmiar@__jemmacollins__ don't be stupid; this is for our country: she is fortunate to make history in the Inauguration of the best president ever!
  • chase_eli@glomerulus What?😂
  • sandygarcia11Thanks for being patriotic! Don't let liberals scare you away. Set an example!! By performing at the inauguration, you are calling for unity which is exactly what we need. Stay in the fight!
  • pgmamamaAwesome
  • jrslondonTWAT UNFOLLOW HER 😂😂😂
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