The grass is always greener at #Wix! 
#greenwall #officefun #BTS #sanfrancisco
  • wixThe grass is always greener at #Wix!
    #greenwall #officefun #BTS #sanfrancisco

  • becca_97_00Cool. Go check out my wix website. Link in my bio 👍
  • kalchimentiLove It! 👏
  • kt_serviceКонструктор мобильных приложений
  • liliam.cristinaAwesome! 😍😍😍😍
  • imeldadulcichprI love everything about WIX. If only you would offer SSL certificates. Any chance? Thank you.
  • marcosfrancadesignerLouco!🎍☘️🍀🌿🍃🤘
  • wix@becca_97_00 amazing work!
  • becca_97_00Thank you & thanks for the follow @wix
  • boopysnellaHey, Ive been there! ♡
  • kt_serviceМы можем сделать для вас приложение на IPhone IPad , Android
  • rozzbotThanks WIX for posting a pic of my work... was so much fun creating this green wall for the SF office. Work created by #hoesandditches 🌵🌵🙋🏻
  • wixTnx @rozzbot for making our days greener :)
  • luxuryhair01@wix @wix I am still waiting for my refund. What kind of company is this ? Refusing to pay back my money ?
  • luxuryhair01I need my refund back
  • luxuryhair01Non of your numbers work I just hope your website isn't scamming people
  • luxuryhair01I have been waiting for weeks now
  • wixHi @Luxuryhair01. You can contact our billing team to get a refund here is how and when you can get a refund, and how to contact our support team: if you wish you can also send an email to and they will get back to you. Thank you, and sorry to see you go... good luck!
  • youarefakezNo it not.. . It price after costs oh shut up ...oh please shut up
  • luxuryhair01I need a number to call @wix . I have sent enough emails no reply. I need a number that actually works.
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