• jennymustardfirst few snaps of @davidmustard_ and my new apartment on the blog !
    this is my fav corner in the office
    ( yep we have an office, how grown up hihi )
    can't wait to show you the rest of the place soon 💋
    ( tap for details )

  • shapesgmbh@suscitair @reneemichellemadsen hey thanks, Jenny for the Chair from here: http://www.shapes.info/english/products/mater-classics/
  • ezgipolat💛
  • debbysoemadijoNice stuff!
  • thesashadiariesYour aesthetic = goals
  • buffetthecakeslayerI love this
  • lenka.vWow, this apartment looks so bright! I'm looking forward to see a flat tour :). I hope you will be happy there :)
  • truncationblogLOVE it!
  • raventeagirlYour right! So much more light! I love it!😁💕
  • thefashionforestLooks so good - excited to see the rest of it 😍
  • ccadillacguyNice and ☀️
  • nckdlsjdbfWow
  • nckdlsjdbfLess is more
  • berries_for_breakfastCan't wait to check it out. Love your style 😃
  • the.minimalist.kinZen vibes 👌
  • jeanette.spotOh soooo bright! beautifull 😍
  • __fijordI love this ! Well done ☺
  • scandinavianstylist@berries_for_breakfast @hanlw8053 yes it's looking great and so true less is more. 👏
  • tanya_geddesLiking all the white:-)
  • famosab@levin_rawr it is so clean 😍
  • wiolkakucukDear Jenny, I don't want to exaggerate but you changed my life! (I know, sounds cheesy, huh? 😉) Really!!! I found you and your David on YT channel and fell in love with you guys! Sooo inspiring!!! I have been watching your videos for a couple of days now and I'm super impressed! (Gee, lots of exclamation marks here 😏) Anyway, I just wanted you to know, even though I think I couldn't be such an extreme minimalist, I am becoming one more and more. I feel amazing after decluttering my apartment, I used gazillions of your vegan recipes (Yum!), I stopped buying stuff I don't need (so I have more money for my vacation 😎) You rock, Jenny!!! You are a walking and talking inspiration! And I love your voice, it's really soothing 👩🏻👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻Thanks!!!
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