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  • thevinylfactoryThe soundtrack to South African artist #WilliamKentridge's intricately drawn, stop-motion animation 'Second-Hand Reading' is here on vinyl.
    The stunning artwork features hundreds of dancing figures superimposed on a copy of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary and other lexicons. A piano-driven score acts as a stirring accompaniment, full of lilting jazz influences and melancholy, incantatory vocals.
    To launch the vinyl edition we're taking over the @WhitechapelGallery tonight for a 3-hour DJ set inspired by WK's 'Thick Time', his first major solo show in the UK for over 15 years (currently on display).
    The vinyl edition is now available on vfeditions.com

  • ignaciao🙌🏽
  • srmulhollandCool! Is it 3 minutes of music though?
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