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-- Getting Mpowered (Day 5 - Last day)

Hi friends! We are on the 5th and last day of our getMpowered series. And since this project is strongly anchored on photography, I would like to say some things  about my photography; particularly how it flows within me. - I'm out to express, not to impress
- It's not something that I do; it's part of who I am
- I don't force it; I let it flow out naturally
- I don't always command it; sometimes I let it command me
- To me it is a visual language that I can use to communicate with and stimulate people; to send out warm and positive thoughts and emotions
- I use it as a medium to document how our world lives and breathes
- I aspire to inspire
- I didn't choose to do it; it chose me

Today I'm posting one of my all-time favorite landscape photos where in my emotions, my art and mother nature all aligned perfectly.

This 2017, I #getMpowered believing that EVERYONE must have some form of art in their lives. Art is an Elixir of Life. With that I will continue to set out and connect with people and try to communicate and inspire them through my photography - the art that chose me.

These past 4 days I've talked about Mpowerment with life in general, for others, amongst loved ones, through way of life and today through art. How about you? What else empowers you? Post a photo and say something about it. Don't forget to tag me and include the hashtags #getMpowered and #TeamCanonPH. You might just win a brand new Canon EOS M10 Kit!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!🙏🏼😃🎆 @canonphils @canonasia #CanonCrusaderofLight #JijoDeGuzman #2xMP #TP5 #CameraClubofthePhilippines
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