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  • mafiabike@tomjustice making tricks look effortless, click the link in our profile and check out his latest edit to see more of toms riding 😈🔥 #mafia #mafiabike

  • reece.yyHoly shitt 😱🔥
  • tylabrooks17Sick
  • dylan_cook33🔥😱😍
  • eimrun._bmx@j.knight__
  • barnes_1999Saw this irl what a legend 👊🏼
  • samuel_s_ennsSteeeez
  • nottingham_eco_tuneAwesome riding! Shame Mafia's sales team isn't half as good! Never buying from them again, brand new bike sat in our garage that can't be used !
  • swagdogeeeThat air tho...
  • gantjakethat was so nice
  • mafiabike@nottingham_eco_tune hi dude, have you been in contact with them? What's the problem?
  • nottingham_eco_tuneYes I have, the forks aren't in line so the wheel sits lob sided, one of the pedals is bent and the crank is loose and won't tighten up, they have basically blamed me for not putting the bike together properly, so now the bike is at a shop having a full report done, I've then got to forward this to stomp, it's ridicules how I'm having to pay for this report when these faults are clearly manufacturing faults,
  • nottingham_eco_tuneJust so we are clear, my son has literally ridden it 100 yards, stomp now say it can't be returned
  • mattihemmings🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • samkiernan_sk7Sick
  • official_niallreedman@nottingham_eco_tune I had the same problem with stomp my friend ordered a frame and forks for next day delivery and the package got lost in transit was a birthday present from my parents didn't end up getting it till 3 days before New Years, stomp need to sort it out like they're useless p***** to say it in a nice way man
  • nottingham_eco_tuneI feel your pain, we've had our report back today from the cycle shop and it's shocking, the bikes in very poor condition, I've forwarded the report to them so we will see, I'm also taking to trading standards tomorrow, never again will we deal with Mafia/stomp 😖
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