• fitforbroadwayRelax✨Vocal health is one less worry in 2017! Because we've got you covered on FFB with a 4-Part series in January on Vocal Health with Dr. @paulekwak!

    Week 1 is up on fitforbroadway.com today 👉 The Top 3 Tips to get started towards the healthiest & happiest year for your voice! Plus, behind-the-scenes photos of my vocal scope at the @nyulangone Voice Center.

    Throughout 2017, FFB will regularly host medical professionals, health gurus, fitness pros, & wellness experts on the blog to share their expert advice on the topics we love most! 2017= best year yet #TrainingforBroadway Any requests, comment below!👇 #fitforbroadway #broadway #vocalhealth #health #voice #singers #singer #healthy

  • daniellehope26Love love love this!! YES thank you
  • emilyrobin17Do something for cardio/ cardiac care in feb especially since the first Friday is national wear red day for go red for women :) and if you need a survivor of heart disease to speak I volunteer as tribute ❤
  • mariedinorciaA: Those sneakers B: So excited for this! I'd love to see something from physical therapists on general injury prevention and recovery. Also, sideline, would love to read about being fit for a national tour 😊
  • fitforbroadway@mariedinorcia loveeee both of these ideas!!! :):) on it 💪
  • fitforbroadway@mariedinorcia @cassiemsilva would be the pro to write this article "Fit for National Tour"
  • fitforbroadway@emilyrobin17 amazing!! :) I love that idea! ❤️❤️
  • fitforbroadway@daniellehope26 love you and miss you!! London is calling my name so hopefully will be seeing you in next few months! Come visit!! 💕😘
  • almagood👌
  • alana_bananas_Maybe something on a daily stretching routine?
  • jennallewlyndaveySomething on emotional health? for example in certain shows you need INCREDIBLE strength to hold a role (Next to Normal,Spring Awakening, Heathers,Fiddler on the Roof are examples of this)
  • ryangoldston⚪️💫🔥 #APL
  • sharohnay#APL 👌🏽
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