"BullsEYE" precision brush set. 🎯
  • storybookcosmetics"BullsEYE" precision brush set. 🎯

  • respectthejediYou should think about making the square brush shorter and the blending brush shorter and more compact as well if this is for precision!
  • juanita_prideI'm praying and crossing my fingers for light saber brushes!!! 💙❤🙆👍😢👏
  • artysticxzooI was hoping one would be angled
  • kara_massey86Are these proyotypes? They don't look very precise.
  • yeslikethecollegeOmg I need new face brushes but am so bummed because you guys done have any yet! 😭 @storybookcosmetics now I'll have to wait patiently in the coming years with my Ulta brushes waiting for you three to create some dope face brushes... life's rough.
  • amandaboo1024@may_thisbe if what I've read is correct they didn't know this until after the two preorders, pretty sure there was a licensing issue. So this was a decision made after the fact which is why they made their own wand brushes
  • bloodandlashes@jmoorefarms I wrote that article! 😍
  • jmoorefarms@bloodandlashes Loved it!
  • bararbelOmg so cool!!!!
  • calibamian@may_thisbe they had no idea that they wouldn't be able to restock the first set. They told everyone the day they learned. To be honest they were very careful in saying that they were waiting until the first two presales shipped before making a restock decision. I know it sucks but it is what it is.
  • stirfryedshanaIf these are a precision set you might want to reconsider the shapes a lot. They're all quite large and long.
  • storybookkeeper@yeslikethecollege We have A Rose by Any Other Name face brushes coming in Spring!
  • storybookkeeper@amberleilastar We don't have a date on those, yet!
  • ceebee_eebeeI agree with other comments. They should all be shorter bristles and one of the two that look nearly identical should be a smaller blending brush.
  • mysticalfanatic@megmcmullen92 which brushes are from the Doctor Who set??
  • mysticalfanatic@storybookkeeper Which movie are the arrow brush sets from?
  • storybookkeeper@eyeshadowgirl1 No movie has been named. ❤
  • cahcawA couple different brush shapes would be great. 3 of them look the same
  • princessnjj1One should definitely be a small pencil brush..inly need 1 flat point brush..the flat straighr one should be thinner or angled. And a small buffing brush
  • samsopeachythese are such cute ideas for makeup brush sets ☺️
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