• dineanddishWhy would someone like me (a busy working mom who loves to cook) use @blueapron? I wondered that myself then gave it a try - it's like having an Easy Button for dinner! Today's blog post I'm sharing my thoughts on who I think Blue Apron's Meal Delivery Service is right for and why. Plus this Harissa Chicken Skewers recipe will give you a sneak peek into the kind of recipes you'll get with Blue Apron. (Direct link in my Instagram profile). Have you tried Blue Apron yet? What reasons do you love it? .
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  • dineanddish@sugarswings that's what I love too...this particular recipe has persimmons, which I'd never used!
  • dineanddish@marenannes the knock knack bottles are my fave!
  • dineanddishKnick knack
  • sarcasticcookYaaaasss! Bought meals for my friends that recently had babies and they loved it!
  • dineanddish@sarcasticcook what a great gift idea!
  • gracenplentyI've been doing Homechef for months and love it - my husband is an airline pilot and one of my 2 children has celiacs - I found that my options were best with this company and it makes my life easier when he's away and I have to cook gluten free. I love these boxes. Also, I too have given gifts for stressed moms!
  • dineanddish@gracenplenty I haven't heard of that service but what a great reason to use that service!
  • leslieradamsHaven't tried any services but heard good things about Hello Fresh. Have you heard of them?
  • dineanddish@leslieradams I think I've see. Their name but was t sure what it was. Is it meal delivery too?
  • trucksmomI can't wait to read this! I've been wondering about them.
  • gracenplentyIt's exactly like Blue Apron - same price even- only difference for me when I compared them was that you can choose your specific meals weekly with Homechef as opposed to "meal types" with Blue Apron. I also think that these services are available in different parts of the country. It's a brilliant idea!
  • clstar@marenannes @dineanddish We love the little bottles, too! Once we clean them, they become part of my four year old's play kitchen. She thinks they're fantastic.
  • marenannes@clstar my daughters use them for their American Girl dolls! So fun
  • marenannes@leslieradams I tried hello fresh and blue apron. Hello fresh was unfortunately not fresh at all. I was very disappointed with their service compared to blue apron. The recipes weren't as good and the actual food wasn't very good quality. I have actually tried about 6-7 of these meal delivery companies and hello fresh was the worst in my opinion
  • leslieradams@marenannes Very interesting! I have a friend who's using it and likes it. Which is your favorite?
  • leslieradams@dineanddish Yes it is!
  • opulentnutritionStunning
  • maggiemae626I felt like a professional chef when I was preparing the meals and I loved trying things I never knew existed. The only downside was the fact that our busy lifestyle sometimes caused a stockpile of meals and I was stressed out trying to cook and eat everything before the next box arrived lol!!
  • udandi@leslieradams I've only tried Hello Fresh and Plated, but liked the HF recipes more. I've had no problem with freshness and their customer service is responsive! I don't have any free boxes right now otherwise I'd give you.
  • doublebatchblogThat looks delicious! #doublebatching
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