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  • laurengleisbergIf you like to lift, lift. If you like to do yoga, do yoga. If you like to shop for cardio, shop on. There's no right or wrong way to workout so do what you love. I alternate between 2 styles: 1) traditional weight training & 2) HIIT with weights + body weight resistance like in this vid from a 30x30 workout with some added running and yoga on occasion. For me, it's what helps me sculpt a fit body while keeping my body fat down and those weights help me feel badass😉
    #LGAccountability #LGSisters #OldieButGoodieVid

  • juliettromeoCool
  • trainerglen24💯
  • joaniemarie_lgHow is your workout schedule going to change now that you're pregnant? Just curious if you can go at the same intensity and duration?
  • setme126Oh hail @laurengleisberg I love it all.
  • barbellebrieI'm almost done with 30x30 first time doing it all the way through! I can say without a doubt it's helped define my core so much!! Thank you for all that you do girlfriend❤❤❤
  • bbarthuleNever quit
  • tiutopia_gigiLOVE your workouts so much! 💕
  • musclemegfitnessI've tried it all... I love HIIT best!
  • cami_beauuHow many times do you do each move
  • mrsjrbrsnOooh this is my scheduled workout tomorrow!!! Day 4 of 30x30 babyyyy 💪😁
  • jacki.lgfit6+2 is 8 but so is 4+4, many ways to reach the same goal 😊 took me too long to realize that, now I do the workouts I love instead of the ones I "should" be doing. On week 2 if your home Weight Training program, I feel so much more muscle all over, especially my legs and my hubby made a comment about my butt 😱 haha thanks for all you do @laurengleisberg
  • mkaufhold89@tara_dempsey she does good workouts
  • healthyfitashleyI just bought the 30x30 starting tomorrow 😁 @laurengleisberg
  • shanelle098@cirvine2
  • snapfitnessGreat post!
  • alwayserind@laurengleisberg can you talk a little bit about how you've adjusted your workout for pregnancy? Are abs still okay?
  • tiu_jewelHow do I relieve muscle soreness and the shakes?
  • lindseym_tiuYaaaaasssss 🙌🏻 Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!
  • saramarie.bbgoh hey! I did this workout yesterday!! I thought it looked familiar! :)
  • simranxx04@fatimauvalic I was talking about her
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