We are still on cloud nine after reading the below post from @aniceart. Sharing some #lovenotes with all of you today.
I can't speak highly enough of this brand. And this is my first (also last? I usually don't do this) beauty related post ever. Thank you @oneloveorganics , you're the best I've ever found in terms of ingredients used, effectiveness, and last but certainly not least, customer service ❤ For you people out there (women, I guess) who, like me, get scared when checking the price of beauty stuff, I know, I hear you, but these products are seriously amazing and they last you for a very long time. And they're not that expensive after all, compared to other high end products with a ton of bad ingredients in them. Worth every penny. Do yourself a big favor and try them if you can! (They have trial size for some products!) #beauty #oneloveorganics #OLO #skin #crueltyfree
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