Fundamental to an understanding of the magical personality is the simultaneity of all time, all space, and all action. This present moment is eternal. The past, the future, the feeling of being in the river of time, are part of an illusion which gives you who seek an enormously powerful opportunity, consciously to accelerate the rate of your spiritual growth.
It happens to be the last day of an old year and an old decade among your peoples who count by your calendar. Tomorrow it will be next year. Shall it feel like a different time? Shall it seem transformed? For the most part, no, because you are the same. You have always been, you are, and you will always be.
The choices that you make in this density are predisposed by the biases and polarities that you have picked up in lifetimes long ago and more recent. When biases of love and peace and gentleness and humbleness of heart become your rest and your confidence, then perhaps you may release time and space, allowing it to be a useful and extremely potent offerer of catalyst to those who wish to learn lessons of love.
-Q'uo -The Law Of One

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