• roadback2uThe Road Back to You Podcast launches 2017 with an interview with the indelible Jo Saxton. Author, Speaker, Host of the popular podcast "Lead Stories," Chairman of the Board for a large non-profit, Lutheran Pastor, and as she so energetically puts it, “a Nigerian Londoner.” And if that isn't enough, Relevant Magazine has just listed Jo as one of “7 Leaders to Follow in 2017.” Listen here: http://theroadbacktoyou.com/2017/01/04/judged-known-conversation-jo-saxton-enneagram-8-episode-22/

  • gillian.haasLove your podcast! Would love to hear more episodes on 1's + 5's!!
  • imchristinenolfYay for 8s! Your podcast is so validating. And I agree☝🏽- would love more on 5s
  • lyricwholegangsterI so fell in love with Jo! How lucky we are to have souls like hers around. She personifies "Fight the good fight". Thanks for sharing your story, Jo!
  • mktys0nGreat interview!
  • josaxton@lyricwholegangster thank you x
  • josaxton@mktys0n thanks x
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