• bolintoThank you For the feature @everystylishgirl 🙌🏿🙌🏿#Repost @everystylishgirl
    "I am all about growth. What I am most thankful for from last year, I feel like I accomplished growing. I got a life coach. School is weird where you go to school and have someone who gives you accountability—your parents wanting you to pass is accountability then you get thrown into life and your career. With my job there is no one holding you accountable, especially because I am a free lancer, so if I don’t set goals and tasks for myself on a day to day basis then I don't grow. After a while you get used to what you do and it might not seem as challenging as what it was. I had to get a life coach, Coach Lilian, who was literally like ‘Bolanle get it together..’ The shame would be that you die and afterwards people ask what did she do with the platforms she was given? How did she grow? My career can be self-centered. You’re constantly talking about yourself and can become very self- focused if care is not taken. That's honestly what it can be at the foundation. So it's about you putting life and value into it and finding a way to make it substantive in a way that goes beyond posting a photo on IG and someone saying 'oh that outfit is cute!' It has to be about more than that." #open #honest

  • uchemaduagwuPeople who don't know where you started from won't understand where God is bringing you from, I celebrate you dear, you are a rare gift of hope to this generation.... May the Lord bless you this year
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