• expeditionportalFIeld Tested: Yokohama Geolandar AT G015 - by Basil Lynch (@basillynch)
    "My plan was to drive to Colorado, I was meeting family in Telluride to celebrate the holidays. Before I left, I was asked by Discount Tire and Yokohama Tire to review the new Yokohama Geolandar AT G015, an all-terrain tire that was built to handle every situation you could throw at it. I decided to turn this trip into a full on tire review, testing the tire from the desert Southwest, up into the high rocky mountains.
    Coming from an aggressive mud terrain tire, the difference was amazing. Driving on the highway was a completely different sensation, my FJ just felt planted. Not once did I have any feeling of my vehicle wandering across the lanes or grabbing the ruts in the road. Before, on my mud terrain tires, I would have to constantly steer the vehicle to keep it from wandering off the side of the road. With the Geolandars, I would let off the gas and my FJ would just keep rolling down the highway. Before I mounted the Geolandars, I would let off the gas and I would immediately feel a deceleration. This proved to help my gas mileage. I was averaging about 13-14 miles per gallon on the highway before the switch, i’m now getting roughly 16 miles per gallon."
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  • avenue_of_slayThis car is awful uncomfortable..don't be fooled.
  • txpedition.overlandThese rids are super comfortable, at least mine is. And they go everywhere ;)
  • baridley@impulse27 this will be @iamnatev soon.
  • slipstreamimagesWhat wheels are those? Thanks!
  • warbike39I have almost 40,000 miles on my Yokohama Geolandar M/T's. They are 315/75/16 mounted on my lifted 95 Cruiser...they have been from Mexico to Alaska and everywhere in between and I love them....keep on Truckin!
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