Here's a new take on an old favorite... Any idea where this is on our campus? 🔳🔲 #Repost @l.j.zinda ・・・
  • mountstmarysuHere's a new take on an old favorite... Any idea where this is on our campus? 🔳🔲 #Repost @l.j.zinda ・・・

  • justinebraithMemorial Gym!! @mounthoops stomping grounds! Love this photo. #MountMayhem #MountProud
  • american_safariThe old gym - before the New one across 15 was built.
  • jamion_christianThat's my home! Memorial "where the work for the dreams we want to accomplish begins!"
  • stacymarie72The old gym.....where my dad played during his years at the Mount under Coach Phelan! I grew up hearing lots of stories about that gym!
  • cannons.5The hanger! Met my husband at a dance there!
  • mountstmarysuThese are great stories! You're right! It's Memorial Gym, which was built in the late 1940s and dedicated to alumni who gave their lives in WWI and WWII. Today it is used for athletics and recreation! #MountProud
  • cj_jenks_6It's where ROTC PT's before anyone is awake on campus three days a week. #ARMY
  • mek615@cedearmitt & @pntripp remember selling bball 🏀tix here??
  • pntripp@mek615 yes and all the great basketball games. Fun memories!
  • rayvisotskiMemorial Gymnasium, from back in the day.., back in my days, class of 1982.
  • maureen_luca4Memorial Gym!
  • pyronova@mountstmarysu my Grandfather and fellow alumni Victor Wolfe helped to haul the stone to build memorial after not only serving in WWII, but coming back to the Mount to finish the education he started before fighting in the war.
  • tgohara2That was my home as well during my 4 years as a manager of the basketball 🏀 team. Shaped my entire experience at the Mount 🙏
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