• jennymustardtoday has been all about unpacking !
    yesterday we arrived at our new flat, and it seems to be the happiest place in the world <3
    will show you pics asap of course - but for now, here's the breakfast david and i had in our latest 'sunday breakfast with the mustards' video !
    go watch on the blog πŸ’‹

  • fitvanessOh I love your decoration style!
  • avitalwillemsenI love apartmenttours! Especially yours. :)
  • can_dyannaso scrumptious!
  • ccadillacguyLooks wonderful!
  • the.minimalist.kinooh yummy !
  • _lauren_breen_@jennymustard this looks so yummy! Can you post the recipe?πŸ˜‹
  • jeanette_spot😍
  • lisasworldofbooksI need breakfast too! Goodness that looks greatπŸ™€ I'm looking forward to see pictures of your new appartment!!πŸ’•
  • reliils.hGoodmorning guys ❀ cant wait to see the new apartment
  • schwarzemarotteWow, that sounds lovely! Enjoy your new home you two 😊
  • theladymcdougal@jennymustard where did you get those wonderful spoons?
  • splitleafMore natural light ?
  • myheavenlyatelierThis is so pretty to look at, hope you guys settle in at your new place soon 😘
  • carolina_nusaduaLovely
  • junysjourneylooks so delicious, I wish I could get some berries here
  • zbaertOuhhh yummmoooo
  • zbaertHi jenny, this is like really weird but i want to say! I'm giong crazy for your FOOD ! I have bein filling this vacation with righting recipes from your blog!!! I got so excited of veganisme. Hopefully me family will appreciate it, en let me! πŸ’• @jennymustard
  • tabithablueNice!
  • k8tmiller@jennymustard what is the recipe for these bowls? They look so good!
  • perfeccctrWhere can we buy those spoons from 😊
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