This Yoga Teacher Training was far beyond the most transcendental, emotional, spiritual and transformational exeperience I've ever had (in a positive way, of course). The people I met, the changes we faced together and all the truth involved in it made us all a big family of bright sunshine light! Different countries, same souls, like @taragillfillan said. Well said! There are no words to describe it! I'm so grateful for all the amazing teachers we had. Not only the Yoga Teachers but everyone and everything that changed us somehow... The whole world is our Teacher! Enlightened souls! Inspiring country!!! Now I know for sure that I'm in the right path and I will keep going for as long as the Universe lets me! Sharing it all - we go home, one for each direction, but all for the same purpose... NamastĂȘ @vinyasayogaschool A warrior pose for you... You made us even stronger warriors... I'm exploding in love! The red colour for love and the Ganeshas for all the wisdom - that may be shared as gracefully as it was learned. What a journey NamastĂȘ #iyogayou