• andyfrisellaTag a big kid at heart!
    Thats what I am...just a big kid inside. Always will be.
    When I was a kid I played exclusively with Tonka Trucks (the metal kind), Hot Wheels, Micro Machines and Stompers (if you remember Stompers youre old as fuck).
    For fun I like to run heavy equipment at my farm.
    Basically anything with a motor, wheels or tracks gets me excited!
    When the first H1s started hitting the streets I was in high school and I dreamed about having one someday just as much as I did about owning a Lamborghini.
    I wrote this exact same truck down as a vehicle I wanted to own every single time I did my goals over the last 20 years of my life.
    Most of you know that Im an extreme automobile enthusiast and that I have been fortunate enough to own some bad ass vehicles, but to say this truck is extremely special to me is an understatement.
    @sourcemotors helped me track down this immaculate & super rare 2006 H1 Gen 2 Alpha last summer. Then when it delivered I had my boys @cravenperformance do their magic with a lift, 40 inch Toyos, Spyder bead locks, decked out in @predatorinc brush guard & roof rack, midnight light bars as well as numerous performance upgrades to the stock Duramax. Besides it looking like it will eat your children...It rides and drives amazing!
    This is one of the baddest H1's on earth and a dream come true for me...it makes me feel like a kid again ever time I turn the ignition...and thats special...very special.
    Thanks to @sourcemotors & @cravenperformance for making this beast a reality!
    Now I just need that G63 6x6 to go with it ;)

  • andyfrisella@joenowland18 MFCEO-1
  • smilner03@andyfrisella Do you have any footage of this bad ass plowing through some snow?
  • donuts_n_fitnessNice little run around car @andyfrisella
  • mr.markholataThat is badass!!
  • joshdurden08OG Hummer
  • 107adamCool..
  • marko5150Yes thats the H1 of my dreams, question is why didn't you drive it to work today?
  • ahmed_tripleaaa@raj_sood 👋
  • shivangsharma17@ck.chaithanya anyday over H2 or H3
  • mederos310That is one sexy beast right there!👍, would love to hear a podcast on these kinds of rewards from working ur ass off 💯
  • youngomarrANDY YOUR THE F*KIN MAN!!! Can't wait to work with you Brother, I'm just waiting in that email bro, people think I'm crazy and stupid bec I got accepted as a Legionaire, I told them, "Watch me MotherF*ckers"😤💪 @andyfrisella
  • dananicolemauro👊🏻👊🏻🌟🌟
  • aka47bakkies@albegeldenhuys missing item. The next piece of your collection
  • christopher_marchant😍😍😍😍🍆🍆💦💦💦💦💦
  • no_boss_unlimited🔥🔥🔥👌
  • austinjordan9@zaneshuee beast mode
  • jessicakes33Love this one
  • mohamedr88💯💯💯
  • relentlesspeaceAll of the above (including Stompers so yeah old as fuck) but loved every one of them. Nice truck! There's a muscle car in my future, I just need to decide which one😉🚘
  • brandon_kull@lauren_souris this is the hummer we saw
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