• me_and_orlaHave you taken your decorations down yet? I'm in Christmas-is-over denial! 🙈 The wreaths at least can stay up until I tire of them!
    On an unrelated note, I wrote a post in my blog sharing the amazing things that happened to me in 2016, via Instagram and beyond. I'd love you to read it! Meandorla.co.uk / link in my profile x

  • helena.mooreOur entire tree is still up! My goal is to have it put away by half past January. 😂😉
  • kovac_family✨✨
  • _susandrea_Haha same here! I don't want to get rid of the Christmas tree yet, smells divine 🙈 -I'll save your blog post for my morning reading, I'm off to bed now (12:30 AM already 🙄😩😁)
  • _susandrea_By the way, wish my wreaths looked as beautiful as yours ! 😍
  • hannahargyleYes they are all down! Loved the blog post x
  • terezavargavery interesting photo!
  • lisavalentinehomeMine are reluctantly coming down today and tomorrow @me_and_orla . Annie wants them, and the tree to stay up until her birthday, but that's August 22nd 😂
  • annabelbeeforthYes, all came down Tuesday - Christmas felt 'gone' by New Years day. We needed a fresh start. I used to cry when they had to come down as a child - I'd sit in the living room staring at the lights and wishing they could stay up forever!
  • toile_blancheLovely wreath 💚🌿
  • butterflycrafts_ukRandom fyi but enjoyed your story in M&B magazine @me_and_orla
  • nataliemcveighI very reluctantly took mine down the other day. :(
  • incredibusyClever bunny... And yes all the decs are back in their box... Am having a studio clear out now too; fingers crossed it will be cold enough for an open fire this weekend so I can burn all the confidential stuff! :-)
  • marthapranBeautiful dear! Wish it could stay forever 😊🍃🍃🍃
  • wild_meadowTree still up , no one wants it down 🙈🎄
  • patisseriemakesperfectSara, snap! The only thing we still have up is the wreath on the front door. It's still alive and looking so pretty I can't bare to throw it out!
  • hannah.straughanWhat an incredible year for you, congratulations! You so deserve it ☺
  • brickdustbaby😎
  • fredaandcoI don't think I'd have the heart to take down such lovely wreaths. I can't wait to see the wedding photos. 🙌🏼🌿
  • mycustardpieJust takes so long to dismantle rather than the aesthetics for me!!
  • livingenjoyBeautiful! ✨
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