These Turkey Stuffed Enchilada Poblano Peppers are on the blog now! Recipe link in profile πŸ‘‰ @megiswell β €
β €
For me, New Year's resolutions are all about compromise-that way I can maybe actually maintain those new habits throughout the year. Peppers replace tortillas, turkey replaces fatty meat, reduced fat cheese (still kind of meh about that) replaces full fat, brown rice replaces white. And homemade enchilada sauce. Which is actually pretty healthy and easy to make. β €
β €
Tonight I just got back from driving in crazy scary weather to make it to an Argentine Tango class. I promised myself once I was healthy I would start dancing again. And I didn't want to break that resolution already so I said screw the weather. I'm so glad I went. But the drive was horrible. I'm tense now, very tired, and still feel like I'm gripping the wheel for dear life. Maybe I should treat myself to a drink 😬?
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