#KekePalmer stepped into #TheShadeRoom clapping back at people who weren't here for her previous post
  • theshaderoom#KekePalmer stepped into #TheShadeRoom clapping back at people who weren't here for her previous post

  • mary_the_bodyWell "the gag is" .... wasn't her and shorty from bgc just coming at each other??
  • afro_royalYes right right and right! The Black Brothers should be helping and supporting eachother, not beat eachother down and sure as hekk not support the beat down
  • yazzybaddI'm not reading all that. Keke went from sweet to corny.
  • deesanyaLove her
  • ariontheairSHE 💯‼️ YALL just to brainwashed and stupid to recognize real.
  • jade__antoinetteBut what she is saying is true though. Not sure why people are so against a good message. Forget how you personally feel about her and instead listen to what's being said. Dummies. Oh and #FlintSTILLDoesntHaveCleanWater
  • ronnieka_84So true crow messed up this culture
  • princess_beaute💯💯💯
  • worldofaljavierPreach baby! @kekepalmer
  • 1stoney_baby it's just boxing 🥊 i think that's why they chose a ring rather than the streets. 🤔
  • _stack1_Right
  • fabulousjihan@1stoney_ but it's so damn immature. It's not that serious they need a boxing match. They need to grown up and act like adults and not little boys.
  • overme._@mary_the_body they were arguing not planing to fight
  • 1stoney_@fabulousjihan if they want to box let them box. i don't see the big deal. Yes, they immature but if i can recall it's people that pay to watch boxing as well as get paid to box.
  • _nickweaverWasn't she arguing with Meghan the other day 🤔🤔
  • mj.the.realistExactly 🌹
  • luv_sisiSee if you look at the comments @lilmini18 even ppl like supa can't just say you know what, our society is in shambles and we are disgracing one another with the petty foolishness... so instead they attack the person Trynna make a positive statement and make them the new target. People can be a hypocrite but still want to live in a better world but everyone doesn't understand that and it's just exhausting. But I'm glad @kekepalmer speaking the truth
  • mykidsmom_1Yes!!!
  • kaymvp47Ppl mad asf cause she right smfh
  • pretty.npink@_nickweaver yes arguing not fighting there's a big difference
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