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  • officialjackieevanchoMy little cutie! #animalfriend #kitten

  • inmemoriam.tv@gowonderfulme literally nobody knows who she is. Can't name one song.
  • icecreamminty@robert_racy you don't get to stay neutral by singing for a man who ran the most bigoted and divisive campaign in modern history
  • afua_babyLeave her alone. In this country we all have the right to choose freely. Money and fame comes first for some people before humanity. Let her be, at least she is bold.
  • gowonderfulme@inmemoriam.tv you need to check the meaning of the word "literally".
  • gowonderfulme@afua_baby money? She's doing it for free. How about, she wants to represent her country - all of it - in one of the most important events in the US?
  • robert_racyThe only divisiveness I see is coming from the left. Trump is trying to bring the country together. In any event, he was elected President of the United States. That means he represents the U.S. now...it is Un-American to not support a new President...America picked him. He isn't politically correct, but that doesn't make him a bigot. There are no victims here, Trump isn't a racist at all, and it is a great honor for Jackie to get to sing the National Anthem for a new President. If you have a problem with her doing that, that is your problem, not hers. Her album sales have increased dramatically, and I support her 100%! GO JACKIE!!!! WOO HOO!!!! ;)
  • freeze_miserNext thing you know, liberals will be calling Jackie a racist because her kitten is white. Their silliness knows no bounds. :-D
  • icecreamminty@robert_racy he'd rather take the side of Russia than our own intelligence agencies even though he's a "big fan" and you're telling me he's not divisive? He's stripping planned parenthood and used hateful divisive xenophobic rhetoric through his whole campaign! There's a difference in being non pc and appealing to the lowest common denominator through lies and divisive rhetoric. I get it you people want protection from Isis and strong borders but the way it was went about was absolutely disgusting and absolutely divisive. There's a reason he's the most unpopular president elect ever.
  • jimi_pohJackie sang for the President at least twice, for the Pope, for Oprah at her home, for the Imperial Family of Japan, the International Economic Forum in Russia's Palace Square, more importantly for the NFL (Go Packers!) (Go Pittsburgh!) I'm grateful Jackie gives as much of herself to this country when she's so in demand internationally.
  • freeze_miserIcecream...rubbish. Wanting keep criminals, terrorists, and drugs out of our country is not racist, nor is it Xenophobic. It's common sense. He is trying to unite the country now that the election is over. Put on your big girl underpants and get over it. As for Jackie, leave her be. If you don't, it makes you look, petty, divisive, bitter, and very very small.
  • icecreamminty@freeze_miser I never said it was. The way he went about it was. And the mob mentality of his supporters was even more sickening.
  • cmdralex21Sorry to hear you will preforming for Trump.
  • dennis.falleirosCutie
  • bed.of.roses_jbjHow can someone even insult this little beautiful angel?? She's so cute and lovely...you are here offending Trump and this girl but you all are much worse than him!
  • icecreamminty@johngregorybiggins supporting trump is not a qualification in being a "true American"
  • johngregorybiggins@inmemoriam.tv ......look a bit harder ....jewels are hard to find....
  • 30thd10Lovely
  • dsfoto2598You Go Girl and Dont give these Communist insulting you a thought they just dont know that they are losers
  • ohararuth@icecreamminty When you perform at an inauguration you aren't performing for the Pres elect but for the country celebrating the peaceful transfer of power. Jackie has done this for Obama too and no one attacked her for performing for Obama because the inauguration wasn't about Obama but the transfer. Be angry cause your gal lost but don't be ridiculous cause there's always a loser. I didn't act like a baby when Obama won or any of the 49% who didn't vote for him.
  • rachelschenck12Awwww
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