Watch an all new #fixerupper tonight!! 9/8c @hgtv
  • joannagainesWatch an all new #fixerupper tonight!! 9/8c @hgtv

  • j.lstewartYou cute cute people have the most inspiring love story. More beautiful than any book ever written. Thank you for truly making this world a better place. 💙
  • laura4rnI love the love between you two.. Just so awesome.
  • rivera9315@janete.quintana shoot this is relationship goals right here!! 😍😍😍 you have to totally watch them!!! I absolutely love them!!!
  • sammiepinotgrigioI love watching your show! ❤
  • michellemcgYou two bring me so much inspiration 💜 thanks for being u!
  • earlys22😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤
  • vandyengLovely 😍😍😍😍
  • jimmar76I love this picture of the two of you. Your show is one of my favorite. I love watching it. I put you on my pinterest.
  • nicobobby🔝
  • cinthialiberatorinterioresQue linda!
  • nataliebrunk1I really wish y'all could come do our house but we live in Oklahoma
  • rawissexyI just finished your book and it was so inspiring and honest and funny and really made me love you guys even more! Keep dreaming!!! ❤️ @joannagaines
  • candiceangeli16Just discovered your show a few days ago and you guys are officially my favorite! Beautiful work always! God bless you!
  • jesuselisadeI love #fixerupper and i like see your guys God bless boths
  • mrseidlhuberLove you guys!!! You are both so incredibly talented!! Love everything you guys do!!!
  • themcgillsIs there any other way to finance a fixer-upper other than cash or a 203k loan #hardtimes #joannagaines
  • ruthcasner2465love your show!!
  • chickcounselorI know you probably have more people wanting you to design their home than you could do in a lifetime because you're both BRILLIANTLY TALENTED, but if you ever decide to do a home outside Waco, we would be BEYOND HONORED to have you do ours. I'm a simple woman with lavish taste, YOURS! When I watch Fixer Upper, I often cry with joy for the owners because I can only imagine what they must feel. My husband and I have owned 7 homes and never one to my taste, which is often why we've moved. Hoping to find that forever home that fits us. The one we've lived in since 2008 has "potential," as they say, but we just don't have anyone like you here. We live in El Paso, just down the road from y'all really. 😉 I LOVE shiplap (obsessively), antique sliding doors, WHITE cabinets, and distressed, old finds like you put in your homes. Our home is a 1978 ranch that hasn't been updated since it was built. It sure could use your LOVE ❤️and it would be a dream come true and answered prayer if you'd put your master touch on it @joannagaines and @chippergaines - I love this picture of y'all by the way! Thanks for showing folks what real love looks like! Jesus' continued blessings be upon you!! Much love! ❤️
  • chickcounselor@chippergaines you crack me up!! Watching the Silo bakery episode and your business plan was hilarious. Good thing you went with @joannagaines
  • latamekaLovely! God bless yall! 💗🤗🙏
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