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  • angela.watsonI got an email last night from a teacher that said, “Thank you for saying out loud what has bothered me for years regarding the extensive work hours. I have been told so many times, “That's a teacher’s life. If you don't like it and you can't hack it... teaching’s not for you.’” YES. ALL OF THIS. I’m tired of the false narrative that just because you’re a teacher, you have to sacrifice everything for your job. No teacher should be made to feel like s/he’s not truly dedicated unless marriage, children, and relationships come second to the classroom. That’s just not a sustainable way to live until retirement. Home matters, too.
    Let’s change that story: you can love your job + be an outstanding teacher…and still have a personal life. You don’t have to spend every spare minute grading papers and planning lessons. You deserve to take care of yourself and honor your own needs. When you are well-rested, relaxed, happy, and balanced, you do a better job for your students, and they benefit, too.

    If you want to join other teachers who are committed to creating change and loving their life as well as their work, there is ONE DAY LEFT to join the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek. {Click the link in my profile to learn more.} I’ll see you there—big things are ahead for 2017.

  • coryinezI'm working on all of those things you mentioned. My husband and family come first, work third or fourth, after activities that feed my creativity. I won't be joining the group, but I look forward to seeing what comes out of it for all of those who participate!
  • jennck47This!!!! I LOVE this email you got. My friends and I have been talking about this for such a long time and your course is allowing me to make big changes in my teacher life.
  • americanmom💛💕😂 Truth - well said! Thank you for sharing! @deb_pappe
  • amandaklove19🙌🏼 So needed this! Thank you! Working through that struggle right now... and it's a hardcore struggle!
  • fitzyinfourthSooooo important to learn, and I am so grateful that I have started to now that I'm 7 years in!
  • ms112412Will there be another course this year? Because ironically I don't have time right now....and I really want to do this.
  • amynailsplanningYou have a beautiful home. I admired it from your video as well. Loving the course so far. Will be hard to make my own goals. I need to stay simple. I jump all-in and burn out too fast.
  • tooblessed07Wow- so good and so needed. I am struggling.
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