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  • vincentmwardIm hurt, mad, sad, disgusted, pissed, etc...My heart and prayers go out to the Harris family..All I can say is sorry and sorry Ricky that ignorance had to take over your home going service...Im blown away that this idiot would take this time to try to settle a beef...Smh#rip#rickyharris @regrann

  • vinceconardWHAT?! My people my people my people...
  • nardwatersDanm I'm speechless. I
  • vincentmward@amazinggrace_xoxo Every damn day..
  • _norman_dream_😢💟
  • jamaica24_7😢...Who ever started this will never live it down. They should be a shame of there actions. Wrong time ...Wrong place to act a fool...WOW... Hopefully, Ricky had enough sense of humour where he's looking down laughing at that hot mess. Saying only my dam people would make my funeral front page. R.I.P
  • jasmineimaniprice000Aw damn. Messed up fam
  • jamaica24_7Prayers to his family & friends going out. Lets focus on the positive, the love and humour that he left behind in flim and your hearts.
  • chrissyrockshairI am so sad for you. That is not the way you honor the dead. God rest his soul. And I pray for the ignorance of others.
  • jeffreydeanmorgansbitchSo disrespectful...
  • ladyguerguerOMG 😲 VW ! So sorry this happened !! Wake the fuck up people !! Love ❤️ and respect for others is what this country needs now more than ever. Prayers for his family and friends ✌🏻️
  • birdyfly_4ever77@dreamcatcher77 smdh
  • svon8268I am so sorry for all the friends of the family that had to deal with this! I ask myself that question on a daily basis what is wrong with people??!! No love no respect and no decency for each other anymore. It's sad we are all part of the human race and we all need to get along and love each other and respect each other❤
  • shaunakathySad and pathetic, people need to wake up!
  • ra_she_zySmh
  • the_ellevictoria👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 you for speaking up
  • lincolntwd@vincentmward I hope you and the family are feeling better! One thing I can say I'm sure you've encountered the people that look down on others, but I don't in any way 💖 I encounter it too much and know how it feels, its pathetic and I've vowed I'll never to that to anyone. Still in my thoughts and prayers! God bless ALL OF YOU! KEEP SHINING 🌞
  • sharee_red@vincentmward I hope you feel somewhat better about what transpired at Ricky's funeral, it's really unfortunate and I've witnessed the same think at my Aunt & Uncle double funeral so I understand...But you know Ricky is probably laughing his ass off up in heaven. Right? God Bless you and his loving family and loving friends🙏💜
  • pjaycody1You tell it.. That's right.. God bless the family and you.. Xoxo
  • jraethefanaticPeople are so lost. 😢
  • ladydedeiaYou are right very diesrespectfull and so sorry you witnessed something something like that hope you are feeling a little better.
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