• groknationIn honor of #NationalScienceFictionDay, here's @missmayim with the book that inspired @GrokNation, Heinlein's Sci Fi classic Stranger in a Strange Land! For more info on what "grok" means, check out the link in our bio.

  • knitonepugtwoI can't believe my parents didn't stop me when I started reading Heinlein in high school! Still one of my comfort reads.
  • avivalaelLoved reading this book!!! 😍💙
  • avivalaelMy other Heinlein fave is Time Enough for Love 👍
  • kylevthomasExcellent! I did a book report on this in junior high English class, not having read the book, only to find out it was my English teacher's husbands favorite book.
  • mrrostipolloI loved that book. I read it when I was about twelve. It was my mom's copy from when she was a teenager in the early seventies and I still have it.
  • clocke.artOh goodness yes! May you share water with plenty more water brothers! Fight the good fight.
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