I usually put my B&W pics on Grayscale.in, but sharing this here as I thought this one deserved more than just a one liner 
Was so glad to find Kuzhi Paniyaram on the streets of Bangalore. This's the savoury Tamil version of the Kerala Unniappam (it could also be vice versa 😊) Kuzhi Paniyaram is usually made from Idli or Dosa batter to which a  tempering of Chillies, shallots, coconut and a bit of sago, is added

This's then put in a round mould with multiple depressions in them (as shown in the photo), after this oiled or ghee added. Then cooked very slowly on a flame

The resulting crisp-outside-soft-inside texture of the Paniyaram is quite outstanding. Though not oil free, I much prefer the taste and texture of the Kuzhi Paniyaram to Idli ..
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