• janet.brSome people can't handle different opinions regarding #JanetJackson, yet, when it comes to other divas they seem to be the first to shoot and point fingers. Ironic...? Don't forget the Superbowl malfunction and how we all felt the world was so unfair on our favorite. Shit happens with everyone, especially when you're live on stage. 😊 #MariahCarey #Love

  • supernova0neJanet survived...so will Mariah...😊
  • dxrtydxanaI felt bad for her tbh I was omg bc I know she's a very good singer (not a fan of hers tho) but I do she can sing her ass off if she wanted to
  • djshawnlisleMy thoughts exactly.
  • ichriscross_is your gallery back up?
  • whitneyfan1992I agree with you 100 %
  • maplebrownskinCongratulations Janet on your baby boy!👶🏽🍼
  • dda1814Mariah Carey is just a drunk and a fool she needs to give it up the vesion of love is over
  • ms.nellytaI love Mariah Carey , yes shit happens but she definitely need to change !
  • theelusive1@janet.br Mariah was classy about it, most singers would have walked off stage
  • filermindlessLove this pic
  • ttmoney26@mariahcarey @beyonce
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