• bodieandfouI completely froze on 1st January with the pressure of coming up with meaningful #newyearresolutions for my life so I started thinking about the things that made me really happy last year and one of them was when we went to #comporta in Portugal #bodieandfoutravelsportugal
    So we are off again but this time Steve and I are doing a bike road trip!! I'm so excited! I haven't done a bike road trip for years (last one was with my boyfriend at Uni) and we haven't been on holidays without our favourite monkey since she was born but since she goes to surf camp in Morocco and doesn't want us, we are hitting the road 🙌

  • corinne_tml💖 Portugal! Nous y étions en Mai. Comporta, Parc naturel des Arabidas... Topissime. Rebelote en Juin prochain!!
  • mariannabooth💕 Comporta! One of our fav spots!
  • missbicycleQui a besoin de resolutions quand on a les cheveux dans le vents 😉 🤘🏻✨
  • bodieandfou@missbicycle et les dents qui claquent 😄 à mon avis je vais me cailler en moto en février mais bon ...
  • claregoatHow lovely...enjoy! 👏🏼👌🏼
  • nilshappytoseeyouSuch a nice idea ! fearless, freedom and Happyness to begin the year !👌 have a very good year Karine ! 😘 @bodieandfou
  • bodieandfou@nilshappytoseeyou such a good mantra for 2017 🙌😄
  • thatssocool.co.ukSo cool - road trips are the best ✌️
  • raw_bliss_lifeWhat a fantastic idea ✖
  • kenzadifVous serez bien aussi, à deux.... tout le monde profite de ces petites parenthèses!😊Où a lieu le camp de surf de Mila?
  • bodieandfou@kenzadif oui parce que ça fait un bail qu'on ne l'a pas fait. Elle part près d'Agadir
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