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  • benswann_Reality Check: President Obama Quietly Signs New Law To Allow U.S. Gov. to Fund Propaganda For U.S. Citizens Part 3... to watch the Full RC go to my Facebook page, link in bio

  • joannmurphSo now we believe nothing and suspect everyone
  • love_sufiHmmm. 1948, Israel, propaganda, US..Israel...hmmm
  • _yung_guru@luz_rivera158
  • _yung_guru@_katkat31
  • jcdubya82@ptjohnherrera democrats make it easy to pick on them
  • gwest67This happens when a large percentage of your population is 😴
  • gwest67@jcdubya82 There's no difference between Democrats & Republicans. America is in a state of war (due to a very mature economy running out of steam) And her Govt has been infiltrated by an unscrupulous faction that doesn't care what the people want. Trouble is for the first time since the American Revolution, this war could directly effect the citizens. I hope cooler heads prevail. KNOW YOUR ENEMY AND QUESTION EVERYTHING!
  • jadams0904@aadams0904 @m_e_g_g_i_e
  • beckywitdaveggiesKilling it! Thank your thank you @benswann_ we need journalists like you more than ever. Refusing to jump on the Hilary/Obama wagon and not having a news source that doesn't glamorize them has been devastating...so keep those FACTS coming, cause we are hungry! 🙏🏽🙏🏽
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