Halftime in Lubbock, Texas. West Virginia leads Texas Tech, 37-34.
  • wvuhoopsHalftime in Lubbock, Texas. West Virginia leads Texas Tech, 37-34.

  • oncologists@eyashasan i ain't blaming it all on the refs, one reason we're looking bad is bc we can't get rebounds another reason is the crowd is throwing us off i can tell
  • eyashasan@oncologists I agree. I said that earlier but in more colorful language.
  • eyashasanJust missed two more FTs in OT.
  • eyashasan3/8 on FTs in OT and going to the line again. Down 1. Lets see...
  • oncologists@eyashasan nice
  • eyashasanMissed more FTs in OT than they did in the first 40 mins.
  • k_moyer25If we could make fucking free throwswe'd be good
  • k_moyer25And win this game^^
  • oncologists@k_moyer25 are we losing?
  • k_moyer25@oncologists by 1
  • oncologists@k_moyer25 shit 😩
  • eyashasan@oncologists can't close out on shooters either. Team is going nowhere. They won't be ranked by the end of the season.
  • eyashasanLike why collapse on the guy driving and leave the 3 point shooters in that situation? Idiotic.
  • eyashasanIn case you missed it, WVU was up 2 with 25s to play and gave up a wide open 3. Four players collapsed on the guard driving into the paint and left everyone on the perimeter wide open. TT hit a 3 for the win.
  • zfisher_22wish we could've made two foul shots out of fucking ten
  • biglee_93Smh this shot just pissed me tf off for tonight way 2 start the fucking new year
  • biglee_93Practice fucking free throws wtf
  • biglee_93My dumb ass thinking going with a ranked team they should win these bitches trash
  • chad_king_02I want to scream
  • blackwell_jeremyReally didn't expect to wake up to that... top ten curse... football or basketball.
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