• soulscriptsMeet Rosy. We met her downtown a few days ago. She missed her bus. As we helped her into our car and drove her home, she told us all about God's faithfulness in her life, about how he provided for her family when she picked cotton for the "white man". She spilled her heart on the table and she told little bits and pieces of her story. And the one thing she said that resonated with me was, "Nah, don't go fallin' outta love, ya hear?" She prayed with us before opening her front door and my soul smiled. Her stockings were striped and her heart was big. And it just needed to be heard. It needed to be noticed. There was so much gold tucked inside of it.
    And same goes for you - you need to be heard. You need someone to notice the good and gold and grace tucked inside your heart -- maybe just so that you believe it's still in there when life gets hard and you miss the bus.
    If you don't feel heard, if you don't feel seen, or if you feel like you don't matter, I just want to remind you are created by the Creator of all things for the glory of all things and the broken pieces and bits of wisdom in your heart is needed in this world and it really stinking matters in this world.
    Listen to each other, you guys. Notice each other. See the soul inside someone and stop the car for another. Love a sister - despite her skin color, sexuality, social class, age, brokenness, or past. Tell her that her brokenness is welcome here. Because Jesus did for you. #soulscripts #soulscriptssisterhood

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  • jaycielaycie@aj.bueno I see the gold and the grace in your heart. Thank you for pointing me to the cross 💓
  • dubyalceeWhat a beautiful story! Thank you that she opened up to you and that you were at the right place at the right time to help her! God is always helping us help others if only we will listen to Him!
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  • erikamatlalaI ove seeing God work through you Jordan you'll always be a role model for me i love you so much and thank you for always sharing.
  • a.rose_writerReally needed to be heard today Jordan. Thank you for listening 💕
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