• houseofroseTechnically today could have been extremely difficult... trying to cart around a 2 and 5 year old to an out of town basketball tournament that required us to leave the house at 6AM and our last game is not until 6PM. But the grandmas teamed up to stay back with the littles sooooo basically... it turned into an easy peasy kind of day with only two in tow. I mean, I actually WATCHED the basketball games this morning, I talked to other moms without making sure a toddler wasn't running onto the court and currently? We are spending our "break" at a trampoline park where they have leather sofas for the parents to RELAX. And we are sitting. Peacefully. I may even hit up the mall that's attached to this place before we head back to watch more basketball. We sure do enjoy our crazy life with 4 kiddos, but every now and then, it's fun to go places with half the crew. Everything seems so chill. Lol! I'm sure I'll be glad to get back to those crazy little people by days end, but for now... parenting break in full effect. #basketballlife #noshame #parentsgettingcrazy

  • rebekah9779Ahhh, the quiet life even if only lasts for a few hours. Just enough to recharge. Enjoy! We are snowed in over here in Jersey.
  • mandyfordartHeaven! 😍
  • mehaffeymomentsI know exactly what you mean!!! I'm out of town sitting at a basketball tournament and the girls are at my Moms #bestbreakever haha 😉
  • melaniecorrinkornI'll send our two for you if you get too sad rollin without 4 😂🙈
  • bigjennpI know that feeling well! 12 years in and on our last year of #basketballlife with our player now a senior in college, towing a 5 and 9 year old along for the ride. Poor things don't know any better 😂 Enjoy, it goes by fast!
  • portrayinghopeWow. Enjoy that break!
  • loswattosMine are all still pretty young 5,3,2 and 3 mos but I think it's so funny how much easier pretty much anything is with just 2 of them (any combination too!)
  • dazeedoodle@houseofrose it's fuel to be the best mom you can be! And the BEARD is back! 😊
  • thismamaisspyingonyouThis made me laugh! Whenever one of my four is away for the night, I always feel like I have the night off and dinner prep will be easy. 😂
  • jmrosaSo good to meet you today 😊
  • houseofroseGreat to meet you too @jmrosa!
  • houseofrose@dazeedoodle I'm crying over the beard. 😂
  • dynamic_domesticatingReally cute picture..lol
  • britt_and_the_famIts amazing how only two kids seems like a break, when you are used to four isn't it?! Basketball is impossible to watch when you have the little siblings with you, so yay for your easy day!
  • houseofrose@loswattos 2 feels like a vacation!
  • houseofrose@mehaffeymoments Go momma!
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