• lollyjaneblogA few weeks ago, as Kelli was walking out my door, my husband put a bunch of my patterned bowls in her hands and told her to take them to her house. (The horror! I was like whaaaaaa?!) and he told he thought I was a bowl hoarder (😳🤔😏😝.) Hahaha! Kelli, being the smart sister she is, walked across the room to my staging closet (not pictured as I'm still organizing!) and tucked them inside safely. 😅 Whew!

    So today I took time to organize my staging closet (it's already rearranged from my earlier IG stories! Ha!) and tucked my go-to cleaning supplies in it, far away from my newly walking daughters grabby hands. (If you missed our previous post on our @grovecollaborative deal, nab these FREE cleaning items with the special link in our @lollyjaneblog profile.) Okay I'm off to clean out + organize the other side and hide more decor where I can. 😉

  • lollyjaneblog@janalee27 Same! Her stuff is soooo cute!!
  • bleuciellivingCool
  • roundthegumtreeIt is good that they keep us in check, or try to. On the plus side you're hoarding beautiful things. You could be hoarding scary dolls or belly button lint instead.
  • lamchops6Is it bad that I look at that & think, "that's not very much"?! 😉 You do not want to see my collection then. It's a hoarders paradise!
  • lollyjaneblog@lamchops6 Ha! I should have shared the other side of my cabinet that has them all piled high! 🙈 I'm still sorting and organizing, this is as far as I've gotten. Lol
  • lollyjaneblog@roundthegumtree Totally! I love that our house stays pretty clutter-free bc of him ❤ Aaaaaand isn't that the truth?! LOL!!! Scary dolls 😂
  • summershayallenSAME! Did you see all my bowls (and cups) unloaded sitting on my dining table in my last post. Doing the same thing!!! Haha! I don't want to throw any out!!
  • alio55@natalieolsen215 check out the Grove Collaborative offer 😊
  • thehipsuburbanlove this! 😍
  • kristinjansenCory!!! 😂 look at all those pretty things! 😍
  • lollyjaneblog@kristinjansen Isn't that SO Cory?! 🤣
  • lollyjaneblog@alio55 Thank you for sharing! 😘
  • lollyjaneblog@summershayallen Ha! Just took a peek! You've got a project on your hands, girl! Lookin good and don't throw anything away! Hide it allll 😆😆😆
  • mellieandlouThe most gorgeous closet ever!!
  • livingonprayerI have an old home and a magnificent large butler pantry. I have no clue what to do with it. It has glass doors as well. I wish it could like this. Sooo pretty ❤️@lollyjaneblog
  • lollyjaneblog@livingonprayer Oh that sounds dreamy! If you look at the tagged stores these pretties are all super affordable! I shop Target's dollar spot for the small cake stands and catch their sales for the larger ones and of course Walmart has fab prices, especially their @bhglivebetter_ line! Can't wait to see what you do with it 😘
  • lollyjaneblog@mellieandlou Oh thank you! So sweet!!
  • embellishmints_Whew is right! She is a good sister!!!! Collecting dishes is my favorite part of blogging and styling photos, hahaha. I found my calling 😉😍💗💗💗
  • lollyjaneblog@embellishmints_ Haha! Blogging is the best excuse to almost anything, lol. Pretty dishes FTW!
  • jennyharwoodWhere did you get the teal/mint canister on the scale? Gorgeous!
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