Winston is a lovely boy who needs a caring, savvy big-dog lover to be his leader. He craves the calm and stability of in order to blossom. Winston was deserted on the roadside by his people and ended up at a shelter where everything was strange and terrifying. Sadly, he has now developed a shadow fixation, which we’ve learned is fairly common in dogs who have been neglected, but which is curable with patience and work.

Winston is affectionate and intelligent, and he loves his walks and playing fetch with his humans! We are working with a behaviorist to help him with his shadow fixation. During walks and leisure time, he simply needs to be distracted with treats when he pays too much attention to shadows, and he’s making progress. We are searching for someone to help him continue this journey and perhaps take him to obedience or nose classes! 
Please send us a message if you are interested in fostering or adopting Winston!
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