• dressemberNow that December is over, we're back in pants, and ready for a new year. Dressember advocates have raised over $1.4 million USD so far! This is the most we've ever raised in one campaign-- in fact, it's nearly as much as we've raised in the last three campaigns, combined! We are so proud of you and grateful to be part of a community of such change-makers!
    The thing is, our work isn't over. The hard truth is that the human trafficking industry grew in 2016; it is larger and more lucrative than ever, and affects more women, children, and men than ever before in history. Our work is far from over, but this is a special moment when you can make an even larger impact.
    To remind you, the Dressember campaign each year runs October through January. This helps people who prefer to donate at the beginning of the year and gives us time to finish our campaign goal. This year, we are really close to hitting our goal of $1.5 million, so we're offering you a unique opportunity to help us a little more. Every advocate who raises $310 or more during the month of January (including these past 5 days) will receive a free Dressember x The Giving Keys BRAVE necklace! Please ask your friends and family to donate through your individual or team giving page in January to receive this gift necklace.
    Keep up your amazing advocacy!
    #Dressember #itsbiggerthanadress

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