Tap video for sound
  • thebloggessThis would have taken much less time if I hadn't put the feet on backward the first time. I suspect AT-ACT mechanics have the same issues in real life.

  • pupflyMost definitely
  • ladouxbelleThanks!! I am totally getting one for Easter baskets, kids will love it
  • kathrynhanselLove this. Your dress is so cute, too! 😎😘
  • themightyerindUh...yeah I need this in my life.
  • ehnoblesThis made my boys' day
  • rogerskathrynGreat job! You didn't even look at the instructions!
  • wlrobertsNice!
  • abikingvikingDid you ever notice that they used the same strategy to defeat the elephants in Lord of the Rings as to defeat the Imperial Walkers in The Empire Strikes Back?
  • gothamcitytimesauI love watching people build things almost as much as I love building them myself!
  • yknotbThe painting/detailing makes the model! Google image your model
  • azn8ivJust watched Rogue One and cannot think of the name of those things!
  • jannardenI'm exhausted
  • masielooBoobies
  • sylviaraytchevaGirll, you are the puzzle master!
  • chefgirl358@thebloggess @jannarden wow! My favorite author and singer here on the same post. I feel so lucky!
  • mapgirl61And you do this all sporting some fantastic cleavage! #BoobEnvy
  • kittakatThis made me go get a tie blanket kit...thought it might get me out of my dark days thanks
  • justlittlestepsWow, I've never seen anyone move so quickly before - you must really love building things! LOL!
  • katykeckhow long would it have taken Brad D?
  • bockpackYou are just the COOLEST EVER.
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