• dineanddishToday's 365 Days to Rock Your Happy Prompt --> Declutter. Just one area and set your timer for 15 minutes. Tackle one spot in your home that needs tending to. A junk drawer, a closet, your fridge. Give it a good clean and purge.
    Well this is embarrassing, but hey...it's real life. I have the hardest time getting rid of beauty products for some reason but wow...how good does it feel to declutter and get rid of things you are no longer using? I set my timer for 15 minutes and purged my heart out...1 full trash bag gone! You can see the after in my Instagram story. How'd you do on this Prompt today? Does decluttering make you happy too?
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  • therelocationexpertThe "embarrassing" posts are the best!!! Cheers to honesty!
  • annalisemarbergI attacked my spice cabinet - not a huge amount of clutter- but a lot of spilled spices to clean - feels good
  • willrunforpastaYes! I tackled our bathroom cabinet (black hole) the other day, felt so good!!
  • trinahainThis is on my to do list for 2017 as we are preparing our house for sale - time to upgrade - so doing a few minor renovations so each room will get a good going through 😊
  • treats_with_a_twistI honestly used it to do laundry!
  • tarheelinthecityUgh - you inspire me!! Why is under the bathroom sink always the worst?!!
  • iamamandajoyDid this and ended up deep cleaning the whole apartment. It feels so wonderful 🙃
  • denise_woodwardI am so rocking my happiness and doing this tomorrow
  • aggieskitchenDecluttering makes me happy. I haven't decluttered today but I cleaned out my pantry yesterday. Tomorrow I will declutter something (ugh) - thankfully for only 15 minutes (love that)
  • aggieskitchenSee the 15 minutes is a good thing @carmigarbeau !!
  • dinnersdishesI have been decluttering this week and it feels so good! Love the 15 minute idea.
  • carmigarbeau@aggieskitchen awesome. And, yes, until my ADD kicks in and I have to do the whole room! I did 15 minutes on my mom's kitchen counters tonight. That could get me in some trouble! :)
  • ducktapegurlI decluttered my office/craft area and my cookbooks! Feels great!!!
  • the_kbvIve been wanting to tackle some old home decor stuff that I've had packed away for years. I've just never put it back out after moving the last couple of times, but I also feel bad just throwing it away. Beauty supplies are hard because they aren't cheap and what if you need them?! Good job purging!
  • juliesjazzExcellent idea!
  • amyshealthybakingI need to declutter my entire house... 🙈 You're such an inspiration Kristen! First yesterday's office space, now today -- you're amazing!
  • hayhunmasLooks like mine! I'm have to declutter mine today as I have to change the drain 😳
  • runtothekitchenLove this idea - can make a huge difference!
  • jenniferschallThat's what I *should* heave done! 🙄
  • bitememoreThat's awesome!
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