👆🏼my feelings about today's weather in Sydney. 💕 #alivelyadventure
  • jessclively👆🏼my feelings about today's weather in Sydney. 💕 #alivelyadventure

  • stinie87You're on my street! It is a perfect day in Sydney today 😁😍
  • leticiaringeAmazing @stinie87 😘 your rooftop must be the most delightful place then ☀️☀️
  • stinie87@leticiaringe it is - was lying up there getting some essential vit D yesterday 🌞🙌🏽
  • grafchicRiiiight? Definitely one of the places I would move to for a year or so🤗🤗
  • oliviakahlerHave a wonderful time there @jessclively !!
  • macka.k3Will you be coming to Queensland in Australia?
  • catherinegreersydneyJess, you should try to get to the Sydney Flower Markets in the wee hours of the morning. You'll have armfuls of beauty for your Air BnB. It's an amazing place 🌺
  • jessclively@catherinegreersydney thanks for the tip!
  • jessclively@macka.k3 perhaps? I'll see if it flows. 😊💕
  • realfoodwholelifeAhhhhhh looks amazing!
  • simply_ever_afterHi @jessclively I just listened to your podcast about things you are afraid to tell us. I LOVED IT. I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. Keep following your heart and flow! We will be right here, excited for what's next!! Safe travels! Quick question, you mentioned noise canceling head phones, which ones are you using? I'm looking to get some! Thanks
  • heidimillerlowell@jessclively Sister, your last podcast really hit the spot in a way that I don't get from church. I am resonating so deeply with your new direction in the last couple podcasts. I love listening to your podcast as I paint during the day because I am a watercolor artist and the idea of *flow* speaks to me so deeply on a practical daily painting level as well as a spiritual level. Big love to you and keep up the good work, Jess! 😘✨🙌🏻❤💗
  • jessclively@simply_ever_after I use the bose quiet comfort ones and love them!
  • vertacarnalisOh my old neighborhood! 💙 #perfect
  • mrsalexgoodI've been listening to your podcast for nearly a year, and have loved following your adventures. Tonight, I think I heard my ego. I was driving home and listening to your latest episode, and just had a knowing that i need to change my life, leave my job, and pursue what my heart is asking of me. All I can explain it as is when you can't think of a word, then you turn your mind quiet, and the answer just pops up and is already coming out of your mouth. My next question is where do I start? My biggest issue is doing what I know needs to happen, but having so much fear from my ego of uncertainty that it clouds up my thoughts. Thank you, and keep on being a light!
  • jessclively@mrsalexgood please try this: Jesslively.com/intuition
  • vipplannerThat's awesome! Are you attending any events or meet ups by any chance? 💕🎀
  • mrsalexgood@jessclively thank you, thank you!
  • my_friend_fredAnd oh what a perfect day it was!! I not only saw dear friends who live interstate for the first time in nearly 12 months (who shared super exciting news of baby on the way) but the universe allowed our paths to cross in real-life! Sorry again for interrupting your breakfast but in case I never got the opportunity again I just wanted to say "thank you, thank you" for everything you do and all that you give. Like I said, you've become like that best girlfriend who always knows the right thing to say at the right time! Actually, probably better than a best girlfriend because your advice is always spot on and much better researched!! Can't wait to hear news of your meet-up. Take care and enjoy all our gorgeous city has to offer! X
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