Part 2
  • bmarshh54Part 2

  • bill.clark@tonyspikez 😳
  • kperkateMr. Marshall, stay strong!!! There is a legion behind you that supports you. #loveandsupport
  • kperkate@effengorgeous01 Right you are!
  • alpha_gemelosThe coward didn't sign it though!!
  • ___bmccracken04___@59vibe speaking the truth. 🔥🔥💯💯
  • kay_ay_double_uCowards don't matter nor do I lose any sleep behind them.... pure ignorance... Wow!!!
  • holipsismAt first I felt offended by this note and triggered, but...then I realized the person who wrote it is a bitch and all of a sudden I felt a lot better!
  • noemi_bellaaaEste señor no está nada bien, ten cuidado porque el esta loco y enfermo. Miren su letra qué grado de locura que tiene.hirrible.
  • ushutup_productionsYou are an outstanding human being and athlete. You are a millionaire that hundreds of thousands or even millions admire. I apologize on behalf of the human race for that letter. Nothing in that letter has anything to do with you. I hope you are able to use it to become stronger and help change society for the better.
  • pdm970I am ashamed that someone in this country would write something so horrible! You do not deserve this kind of treatment, no one does! Please hang in there and keep fighting for what you believe in!!! Go 54! We have your back!
  • again is horrible!! Who ever wrote that letter should be ashamed. What if someone had said that about them! How would they feel? Probably the same way you feel rn @bmarshh54 I feel bad for everyone Black that gets hated on! I guess some white people still can't understand that they are not the best race and every one should be treated equally! What has our world come to? The nation it was before the Civil War? Stop hating on other races people! I ain't cool! Just because they have a different skin tone/color shouldn't make them a monkey just a unqiue person or just another human. Your a great Athlete dude and don't you ever forget it! This hate has got to stop! Don't give up on life just because you got mail from some wanna be you, that thinks using racial slurs will some how make up come out on top. You just be you and ignore any letter you get that is negative and mean.
  • islandcatchThanks for standing up for what's right!
  • amazzocco29Ab needs ur car
  • blackmanace3000@jarrelleblanc
  • erinsmith123My husband just shared with me a letter you received ...... I am so sorry that such ugliness exists!!! They must really hate themselves 😝🐔🐍🐖🐖🐖🐖
  • jesusloveshighfives@p1badd50 @bmarshh54 Don't pray for them just laugh at them. I'm white and know for a fact that there are so many uneducated white trash losers it's not even funny. I see they also went to a fine trailer park school with that letter. Ha dummies
  • chawlasahbPitiful..I stand with Brandon Marshall
  • tt5hunnid@amazzocco29 This is a different Brandon Marshall
  • 420_cwadeYou write that? @bmarshh54 looks like A 5 year old kids hand writing my god. No wonder sports was the way for you to go can't seem to write very well bud.
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