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  • theshandoTo combat my grumpiness and fatigue from #radiation , I #MOVE. Sometimes it's not graceful but it's always healing both physically and mentally. It's so easy to get depressed in the battle against cancer but everyday I wake up and remind myself to be happy to be alive, relatively healthy and able to move. I'm so thankful for this life I have. Thank you #Neda @jammalibu for working with me and making me leave for my day with a smile. #cancerslayer

  • gusberusYour dancing clips are so inspiring!!!!! Thank you and I can't wait till you kick cancers ass goodbye! Keep up the amazing work, spirit and smile. You are incredible!!!!!!!
  • sweetpeaphotographyI NEED TO KNOW WHAT THIS SONG IS CALLED!!!!!!!!!!! 😘
  • thenameismarinadaleI hope you know just how incredibly adorable you are, Shannon. So much love & light to you as you slay your way through the worst shit ever. You're fucking killing it, girl. Thank you so much for all of your inspiration!!!!
  • thenameismarinadaleUgh, autocorrect. Sorry, I was weepy from looking at your page & I didn't catch it in time, Shannen. 🙌🏼💖💫
  • anthem00My mother has one too. Maybe i should show her this video. Even if she's brave, she needs more and more motivation. You're strong too, courage 💙
  • mymayuoutdoorBest ever. Warm healing hugs.
  • dleyden5Way to go SD! I don't have cancer now but there is no way I could do what you are doing. All I can say is "Run Cancer, Run"!
  • vi0lentliehappyYou are amazing, a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing this part of the journey with all of us.
  • dkephotos@theshando STAY AWAY FROM SOY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!! i am a (almost)17 year bc survivor and a vegetarian (have been since i was about 13 years old). soy has phytoestrogens and it's a hormone. i believe that bc stems from hormones and it's important to stay away from all types of hormones now or risk a resurgence of the big c. i was diagnosed in 1999 at the age of 34. no family history at all, it was from birth control and smoking. i have a 50/50% blame between myself and my obgyn...i asked for a tubal ligation starting at the age of 28 because i absolutely knew i didn't want to risk pregnancy. i knew i wasn't going to have any more, i had my one perfect boy and that was it for me. he wouldn't do it. for some reason back then i didn't even consider a second opinion. he knew i smoked (which was my choice and i could have quit, hence my 50% responsibility). anywho, i know that soy is in pretty much everything these days so please, while you are taking control of your healthy eating, check those labels. i've been watching your battle off and on and i have to say you are doing marvelous. my battle wasn't nearly as difficult as yours, quite often i can't understand why mine seemed so easy compared to the people i saw when i went for my treatments and what i see you go through. i quite often have survivor's guilt because i don't know why i'm allowed to live this wonderful life and those i know, who were great people are gone. :( keep up the great work, Shannon. in time you may forget how awful the chemo treatments made you feel. good on you for taking your courageous battle public. when a celebrity does this sort of thing it helps to raise more awareness to the cause. keep it up #cancerslayer!!!! much love from Maitland, Ontario, Canada
  • self.madejayyyLove this ❤️
  • naty.jolieNumber ONE💪💪👍✌💝👌
  • smile4me_g@lovemybruins4ever 🤗
  • biobloodberg❤💪❤💪❤💪❤💪❤💪❤💪❤💪❤💪❤💪❤💪❤💪❤💪❤💪
  • elizahealth_ivfKeep that positivity going!
  • lisalgoodman❤👍🏻
  • samantha.georgiadisTotal cancer slayer @theshando - keep up the motivation babe!! This reminds me so much of you @tanyaguccionemakeup - dance therapy 💃🏻
  • mrskennedy7_9_11You completely inspire me, always have but with having cancer and seeing you happy and staying healthy. You are a true warrior! Prayers for you
  • quitpalayinYou're incredibly inspirational 💕thank you for your tenacity it's pure and beautiful ❤️ sending you lots of positivity and love your way @theshando
  • miguelsbestbiteThat's what it's all about!
  • katerinapselYou are very cool actress. I'm for you cams. You get better, I believe that you will succeed. You are super.
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