• iunorthwestTimothy Huber, senior chemistry major and star athlete, is living the dream. His IUN experience is providing him with the quintessential university experience, the kind that everyone pictures when they hear the word “college.” When it comes to getting a student life, Huber has it covered. What’s better than clocking a triathlon time that is worthy of running in the World Championships? What’s better than finishing a cross-country season with second and third overall finishes?

    What’s better than all that is accomplishing that while never skipping a beat in academics or losing sight of why he’s really here – an education that will prepare him for whatever comes next.

    In the academic realm, Huber was recently recognized as a prestigious chemisty student, earned a scholarship, presented research at an IUPUI conference, is completing an internship and already has a quality control analyst job secured when he graduates in 2017.

    Can we get a round of applause for Timothy? Way to make IUN proud!

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