Remember when pink hair was "The Thing?" Facebook just reminded me that I posted this a year ago. 
  • tyrabanksRemember when pink hair was "The Thing?" Facebook just reminded me that I posted this a year ago.

  • alicejnz@barbienomattel
  • betomedeiraGorgeous
  • timothylavender😇💡
  • queen._sam_Hey Tyra, it's Sam again. Sorry for all of the comments but I feel that things are a little unfair with the auditions for #antm now. It seems as if they're done in secret now. Open auditions in different areas is what we're all waiting for again. Please give us all the opportunity to audition for cycle 24😩🙏🏼 I've been on Google and all over social media trying to figure out how to audition. Open auditions will also bring the ratings up. @ritaora @theashleygraham
  • nixah_pouHello yesterday I was watching life size
  • da_last_king88😍😍😍😍
  • da_last_king88@tyrabanks
  • ouzin165@tyrabanks beautiful ❤️😍😘
  • motownmitch61Dear God, please continue to bless this Queen to guide more young princesses to greater things than they couldn't ever imagine possible 🌺👑✨
  • yennycabral@tyrabanks hola como esta mi nombre es yenny soy RD mi sueño es poder conocerte algun dia el mejor regalo que podria darme Dios conocerte te quiero y muchas bendiciones
  • lilwu_cmy daughter outspokencre should be one of ur models shes all around chocalate fab
  • lilwu_clove you you the best u started this snap a pic shtt.....yes
  • jungunleeI'm planning to dye the tips of my hair pink this summer! So excited xD
  • modelingheartChristian needs a modeling agent tyra he is very cocky 3yr old he wants candy in his dressing room and he loves directing camera
  • stephaniepowell.xYour Soo Beautiful Beyond Words Tyra! You Really Are... Please Please Please Follow Mee Back Lovely Pleasee It Would Mean The Absoloute World To Mee It Really Really Word.. Youve Been My Biggest Idol Since I Was Little My Biggest Inspiration I Really Look Up To You.. Xx 😘💜 @tyrabanks @tyrabanks
  • dannypooh98I wish I get a chance to come model for u I love to model it's my dream to come be on your show
  • __bouncer😍😍😍
  • scottstormzYour Beautiful
  • official_mzoptimistMy love
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