Just getting a couple of the girls together for the holidays... Sora, Mayra, Bonnie, Belinda & Martha! #OldGringo #western #cowgirl #boots #botd #bootsfordays #ChristmasList
  • oldgringobootsJust getting a couple of the girls together for the holidays... Sora, Mayra, Bonnie, Belinda & Martha! #OldGringo #western #cowgirl #boots #botd #bootsfordays #ChristmasList

  • kmarie2uYou have my ❤️
  • elliottaimee💖💖💖💖💖
  • rednexNeed 2 more in the pic so there is 1 for every day of the week @oldgringoboots #santaiwasgood
  • mrsavilafaithLove!!!! Are you going to restock the black Bonnie boot? 🎄😍 @oldgringoboots
  • oldgringoboots@mrsavilafaith We can double check and get back to you tomorrow.
  • oldgringoboots@rednex 😏🎄🎁
  • mrsavilafaithThank you😊 I love my brown Bonnie's. Just can't find anyone that sells the black ones❤ @oldgringoboots
  • xochitl.yaotl😍😍😍
  • kate_moadObsessed!☺️😍
  • andreg_jBelinda 💖
  • jennrhill❤️❤️
  • loftgirlsOmgosh!
  • oldgringoboots@mrsavilafaith We looked into what our retailers have and didn't find any, please contact our customer service for more information Customerservice@oldgringoboots.com
  • bluebirdpeonies@oldgringoboots hello! I sent an email about a month ago but didn't hear back so I have sent another one. Really hoping to touch base to make a purchase 💓
  • oldgringoboots@bluebirdpeonies You mailed customer service -- What did you inquire about, I'll try and get more information...
  • bluebirdpeonies@oldgringoboots I would like to make an order on the Sora boots but currently live in Australia but I am visiting the USA next year. I am an Australian size 8 and wanted to know it the US8 would fit me in in the longer Sora boots and if they are a good fit for those who are not very tall. Would it be easier for me to ship to the USA and conduct a return if there are any problems as I can ship it to my hotel? Otherwise are there any Australian stockists of your boots so I can try for size? If the sizes are consistent then I can just order from the website once I haven tried and know what size I am. Thanks
  • ann2mauibeachSo in❤️with my black Bonnie's #wearthemallthetime
  • oldgringoboots@bluebirdpeonies A few of our retailers have these black Sora boots, Style no. L841-2
    Each site has their own fit/size guide and most have free shipping in the US.
    Here’s the info from Allen’s boost, 13”s:
    Here’s the info from Amazon, 10”s:
    Here’s the info from Rivertrail Mercantile, 13’:
    If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at customerservice@oldgringoboots.com
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