And there she goes pulling off every ornament...
  • daechoongmamaAnd there she goes pulling off every ornament...

  • skuuipoIt's like having a new tree everyday! Yay?
  • oc.blossomI enjoy reading about her adventures. Your kids are so adorable.
  • daechoongmama@skuuipo 😂that's one way to look at it! @minipepperoni thank you!! Love seeing your pics as well. Looks like you are loving SoCal like the rest of the former east coasters
  • jiminatorHah my ornaments keep going higher and higher cuz of Joelle. At this point there might be one ball left on my little 4ft fake tree.
  • jkwak630She's so pretty!!
  • daechoongmama@jkwak630 aw thank you!! Hope you and your babies are well!
  • daechoongmama@jiminator I feel you sister. I came up with a formula. Before 2 only the top 1/3 of the tree can be filled haha
  • iam_jen0726Hahaha she's so cute!!
  • irenerleanerHahahahaha oh no, Audrey!!
  • crystal9729nice pic
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