• manafoodsMana Foods' December Bag Credit donations are being donated to Trucker Dukes, a 3yr old Maui Boy fighting cancer... The donations gathered through the Mana Foods’ Bag Credit Program, during the month of December, are all going to the Dukes family to help little Trucker win this battle! … With a heavy heart, but a very hopeful spirit, we share the following story with you all. We hope that you feel moved to remind the Dukes family just how loved and supported they are by the Maui community through your donations!
    We're cheering for you Trucker! From all of us at Mana Foods, and so many more who love you, we're sending you all the positivity and healing strength in the world! ... (Link to full article in Mana’s Instagram profile) #teamtruckerdukes #truckerdukessupporters #truckerdukes #manafoodsbagcreditprogram

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