I have been doing very little knitting recently, despite thinking about it multiple times a day. I think it's down to a kind of unsettled feeling when I'm in the house - the second bedroom/craft room is still such a mess, and there are lots of tasks I should be chipping away at. Even when I'm relaxing, somehow the knitting doesn't get picked up. That's why I'm enjoying playing with yarn and images when I get the chance - it scratches the creative urge and lets me pat and appreciate my stash, but it can be quickly put away again without leaving that guilty unfinished project feeling behind it. A knitterly pleasure even when I can't quite commit to knitting itself: that's how I #knitcomfort at the moment, @frenchpressknits.
(picture: yesterday's post given the #yarnimitateslife treatment with @virtual_yarns Hebridean 2-ply. Top to bottom: Solan Goose, Whin, Pebble Beach, Lapwing.)
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