• gigihadidTo be voted for this award by the @britishfashioncouncil, to stand in front of an audience full of my greatest inspirations, idols, and friends, and to be presented International Model of the Year by my angel @donatella_versace was one of the most humbling and emotional experiences of my life. To walk into that room and feel so at home is a great blessing and I have & will cherish every friend, memory, lesson and adventure this industry has given me, forever. I can't wait to continue to grow and create with all of you, and to see what the future holds !!
    Make a conscious effort every day to be someone people enjoy working with, and your possibilities will surprise you. ❤️

  • deboraparragaSo cuteee❤❤😍
  • mw_labelgreat
  • lynseymooreBasically saying if you are a people pleaser and pretty, you will go far... what hope is there for the fugly's out there?
  • alinagnidaGreat
  • anitakhamiltonCongratulations!! You deserve every minute of it 💗💗💗✨
  • digitaldoodlersGet it girl! Thank your mama for dem genes😏😘
  • zany_zuchons_anticsSpoilt rich bitch may have the looks but that's it 👍
  • mooselaballakLb
  • mahsumekinci63👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • alise_and_nazarСтрашила старая
  • mylovez_jgah, how to be u?? ... Congrats!! <3
  • aldedieuYou don't deserve it.
  • polina.styles91@alise_and_nazar еее русский. Согласна
  • _nickolais_Is that severus snape?
  • shellycaesar07Words of wisdom! We all need the reminder! Congratulations 👍🏻💄💋🎉
  • bruno126🙌🏽👑👑
  • sophiepetleyThis is freaky. The girl in the background to the left looks like me and the one on the right looks like Heather @missprovost ??
  • missprovost@sophiepetley OMG that's creepy it sooo does!
  • rocheeetaylorGo giiii giiiii
  • cecilongsalinasI'm telling u dude 🙄 Donatella was telling me how Gigi kept trying to convince her to be the face of her new line but she kept telling her she wants me @freddyjuareziv @marimdz01
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